Reservation information

time limits

if you are not here 15 minutes after the time of the reservation, we might give away your table to other guests.

for a group size of 2-7 guests you have the table 2,5 hours. a bigger group has the table for 3 hours.

seating areas

Main room: consists of high tables and a wrap around bar.

wintergarden: with glass walls against the garden and low tables.

Garden: Please note that our outside area closes at 21:30 each evening. if you book an outside table, be aware that we might not be able to provide a table inside in case of bad weather. if you book a table inside we cannot always provide a table outside in case of good weather.

second floor: are often used for big events

menu or a la carte?

For groups of 7 guests or more, we only offer our Dinner with friends menu. A la carte orders are not possible.